Links I Liked

Mapping the world’s displaced people
An interactive map that shows the location and origin of the world’s displaced people, using data from the UNHCR’s Global Trends report.

Google & the Trolley Problem
Owen Barder raises some interesting philosophical and moral questions as we move closer to seeing automated cars on our roads. Should your car prioritise your life over that of a pedestrian in the event of an accident? How about two pedestrians?

Visualising ancestral and international connections between teams
Awesome data visualisation by @joffley shows the ancestral linkages between world cup teams. Switzerland’s players lead the way, with connections to 13 different countries.

52 pieces of advice for aspiring humanitarian workers
By the folks over at, a succinct list of all the pieces of advice you need as an aspiring humanitarian worker.

Development literature reading list
A nice list by Centre for Global Development’s Arvind Subramanian with plenty of links to articles on development economics. HT Duncan Green (@fp2p)





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